Doll House Christmas

The pageantry surrounding the Christian holiday has always seemed to me like playing dolls. The dollhouse is the manger set, populated with a heavenly host of imaginary friends. They swaddle the little baby Jesus, and play mommy and daddy with Mary and Joseph. It’s got pets (sheep, goats, etc …), and friends (the three wise men who come with presents. yay!). The people playing with these sets are playing God themselves, and it often reminds me of Philip K. Dick’s ‘The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch’, where adult survivors of nuclear holocaust take drugs (Chew-Z) in order to hallucinogenically inhabit the world of their favorite doll, Perky Pat (while their children pity and ignore them).

It’s not much of a stretch. “Faith” is the drug people use to identify with their own personal Lord and imaginary friend. Even the crucifixion models are dolls, and rosary beads, the bleeding heart. These are all toys. Christmas trees and ornaments are nice little pagan additions to the set (Christianity could never do without its pagan add-ons, from the Easter Bunny to Jolly Saint Nick). More and more toys – and stockings – for the doll house Christmas.

Enjoy! After all, it’s playtime …

Online you can find a selection of Baby Jesus Dolls, but so far I haven’t seen one where you pull a string in the back and it forgives you for all your sins, or anything like that. Perhaps a marketing opportunity? Or maybe just asking for trouble. I especially liked these “high-quality huggable biblical characters”



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