Chimp Swap

Back in the day (a few months ago) a lot of people used to comment on the similarities between simians of the chimp variety and a certain president (W.), but now that a cartoonist combines the recent chimp disaster with president obama’s stimulus package, there’s one of them there uproars, because in this case the sauce for the goose is not the same as the sauce for the gander. i am only saying.

Now here’s a guy who acted like a dick on the TV show ‘Wife Swap’ (the Jan. 30 episode)

The guy was allegedly hamming it up for the TV show and it kinda sorta backfired on him as he persistently mistreated the nice woman, belittling her education level, weight, and regional background.

which brings me to the moral of our story …

monkey see monkey do

Meanwhile, the “ignorant” midwesterners turned out to be far more open-minded and generous of spirit than the self-styled International Family from San Francisco.

On the snooty guy’s wife’s web site, her abject apology is flanked by some always judicious automated google ads, one for and another for some weight loss pill site.

So thank you Google, for constantly and automatically associating every little thing in the world with someone who wants to make money off of it. What would we do without you?


One thought on “Chimp Swap

  1. Without Google I would not be able to find my keys. Or offensive cartoons. Or that Wife Swap guy that everyone hates but I am not familiar with. I think I hate monkeys.


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