Reader Art a la ‘Broken Bulbs’

As reported here earlier, but worth repeating, I really enjoyed a book I found on Smashwords called ‘Broken Bulbs’ by Eddie Wright. I also like the ‘reader art’ you can find here, where readers have submitted their drawings of characters and scenes in this book. What a great idea, and good stuff too. I notice that the author is looking for comic artists as well to make a graphic novel of the book – I hope he finds what he needs to get that done. It’d be cool. I wanted to do that same thing about fifteen years ago for my story ‘Dawn Debris in the Land of Many Things’ (which I’m planning to break out of ‘Cashier World’ into its own little ebook). I tried to recruit an artist but had no luck. My own Windows Paint drawings were pretty meagre (one is currently the cover of ‘Cashier World’). (The Dawn Debris story also has FedCorTron dentist recommendations, not too dissimilar from the Inspiration Toothpaste in Broken Bulbs – a parallel, where once again Like Minds Think Alike

I submitted this little graphic from the original web version of ‘Dawn Debris’

I might try and come up with a drawing for Broken Bulbs – I would do it the way I do my covers; mess around with a photo Gimp-style. I’ll think about it.


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