Praystation is here (for your Android device)

Many years ago I had the (not terribly original) idea to write a smart-phone app that would simply consist of a green arrow pointing always towards Mecca. I would call it The Sunni Praystation (you get the joke, I’m sure). Well, fast forward to last night, when I realized I needed to learn more Android programming in order to do something for my job, and decided to actually write the darn thing. With much thanks for the Flying Spaghetti Monster as well as various blogs and Android Api documents, I can now present to you, in all its minimal glory, Praystation:

Don’t all applaud at once. Yes, I know, it needs some sprucing up … but next steps also include shoving it onto the Android Market as yet another free app (there are several much nicer looking ones that do the exact same thing, by the way. No patents pending here …)


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