Entropic Quest: Epic Fail, Book One

My editor and co-author, who is also my 9-year old son, is plowing his way through the first draft of our book, finding typos and errors and inconsistencies, and thinking of ways to make it all better. He’s even come up with an epilogue (“how the game was invented”) that might turn out to be part Just-So Stories and part Simarillion.

In the meantime, I need to come up with a summary and/or logline for the book for the various outlets (Feedbooks, Smashwords and Amazon). I liked this one:

“The fantasy genre may never be the same after the Lichtenbergs rip it a new one in the epic fail of Entropic Quest”

but it doesn’t really draw the reader in …

This is most definitely not your typical fantasy novel. Oh yes, there’s a quest, and some kind of magic, heroes and villains of a sort, and all kinds of adventures along the way, but none of these match up with what you would expect.

“Four people are selected, seemingly at random, by an invisible being who communicates to them through wild animals. They are told they must go somewhere, find something, take it somewhere and do something with it. This is all they know. The thing, whatever it is, could be anything, and it could be anywhere. As for the chosen ones, they have other problems. All of them are immortal, exiled into an infinite forest by a world that cannot tolerate their existence. Two are bitter rivals in an endless and seemingly pointless game, another is a novice, newly torn from her everyday life, while the fourth has been an old man for much too long. As they try to work together to achieve a goal that none can even imagine, failure might be their only option.”

“Entropic Quest. Epic Fail, Book One”


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