Shea Hembrey: 100 Artists

fascinating presentation of an artist and his many faces. Fiction meets the Physical.

This artist reminded me of my earlier twenties, when I decided I would create my own culture – my own literature, music and art – which I essentially did, and am glad I did. Why not just do stuff?

And this image reminds me of ‘the walking stick’

that used to be up by the landslide, around the corner from my house, until the county roadside maintenance guys cleared it away …

just now watched ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ (for the second time) – wow. It isn’t so much the ‘forgetting’ gimmick that struck me, but how well the movie captures the sides of a relationship, through reliving its memories. It’s a very touching, very true movie. It reminds me that I haven’t yet written anything as emotionally compelling and resonant as that. Maybe I will, sometime. The closest I’ve come might be ‘Raisinheart’.


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