Now Free on Kindle – 3 New Titles

This week has added 3 more of my titles to the FREE zone, for a total of 14 currently free ebooks. I don’t know how or why they’re making these decisions but it’s very, very welcome to me. All of my ebooks are free already through Feedbooks and Smashwords&Affiliates (iBooks, B&N, Sony, Kobo, Diesel …), so having them free on Amazon too is great – greater than great since Amazon is about 70% of the ebook market, so my stories are finally beginning to reach the majorit of ebook owners. With more than 30 titles rapidly approaching 400,000 downloads in the past 18 months, I can never again worry that any of my stories is bereft of a reader. Since this is all I ever wanted for them, I can gladly proclaim ‘mission accomplished’. New stories are now far likelier than before to pick up a reader or two when they come out, as there seem to be at least a few dozen people who’ve liked what I’ve written.

I was thrilled to see Orange Car with Stripes and Missy Tonight join the fray a couple of weeks ago, then World Weary Avengers and Macedonia among others. Secret Sidewalk and Hidden Highway are there, along with The Dragon City Trilogy and Zombie Nights. The Part Time People came in with the most downloads so far (more than 15,000) of the recent batch. Now, this week, the three new entries are

Ledman Pickup – this really fun geek story built on World Weary Avengers, and kind of pokes fun at the ubiquity and total-purposeness of the modern hand-held device. The device in this story is a personality-record-playback machine, that can “play back” one person’s character into another person. However, due to a technicality, the device begins playing back into a cardboard box in transit, leading to a delivery-truck adventure unlike any ever told before.

Raisinheart – These three coming-of-age/bullying stories feature characters from Zombie Nights and Death Ray Butterfly, and are based on incidents from my own pubescence. They are as “mainstream” and as “literary” as anything I’ve ever written (or probably ever will write). If Death Ray Butterfly makes the free list, the whole Rays & Nights Trilogy will be available that way, which would be really cool.

Squatter With a Lexus – This book was the first of my “new wave”, written in the spring of 2007 when I had just begun working at Danger. For those readers who complain about how I have “too many characters” and “end too abruptly”, welcome to the very blueprint of this style. It is done on purpose, by the way. We live in a world of 7 billion people by now, and most of us encounter far more people in the average week than our ancestors could ever dream of meeting in a lifetime. Most of those encounters are brief, fleeting, superficial, mere glances. The rapid and restless proliferation of names and faces in Squatter is meant as a reflection of that reality. Call it post-post-post-post-modernism, if you will. And then there is the utter futility of ever finding something small and commonplace long ago lost, and yet the misplaced confidence and faith we can have in our own special abilities to make miracles happen. Many of the characters in this book truly believe they can get their hands on the treasure, when in fact none of them ever has any chance whatsoever, and this should be obvious to them all. But no, we all believe so strongly in our wishful thinkings, that the phrase “self-evident” no longer has any meaning.

I am hoping that Death Ray Butterfly and Renegade Robot will get their turn on the Free Kindle ride. Entropic Quest would love to say hello to lots of new readers too.

Thank you, Amazon. I owe you one :}


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