Rays & NIghts gets some sugar from Bibliotastic

An Editorial Review:

This is a great book; not just good but great. Three interconnected stories, each with a different genre, a different and interesting take on the same group of characters. The characters, some of them at least, grow in depth through the stories; to the delight of this reader, as I enjoyed meeting the same person in completely different circumstances. I cannot share my delight of this book without some details, so – spoiler alert! I label the first story as zombie horror, though as unique a zombie tale as you will have read. Pathos galore! The second is science fiction but with science taking a second place to the story. Again, a very unique mix of hard science, humor, and detective fiction. The third is a childhood remembrance of the characters before all the craziness of the other two stories. I suggest readers start with the childhood story and then read the other two stories. Other than the order of the stories I have nothing but praise for this original work.

Zombie Nights
Death Ray Butterfly


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