Some Call It Drama

I always thought of ‘Fissure Monroe‘  (now FREE on Amazon) as a sort of theatrical production, but never really promoted it as such. It consists of 4 concurrent cross-examinations by Inspector Mole and 1 simultaneous monologue by the private detective Dawn Debris. I originally wrote the book in an accounting ledger book in columns of different colored-ink. It’s hard if not impossible to produce that way in actual book form, so in the ebook version I selected one order of events (out of many possible) and set it down that way.

‘Fissure Monroe’ is a sci-fi satire of a rather typical “me” style. As they say in movie previews … ‘in a world …”, well, in a world where beauty is no longer skin-deep, but now judged by skeletal arrangements perceived through special x-ray glasses, a black market in fashionable bones arises, controlled, of course, by organized crime with links to high-ranking officials (natch). When a rich lady’s leg-bone is stolen, an intrepid if utterly incompetent private eye is called on to investigate. The useless Inspector Mole is also on the case. Between them, a story unravels and arrives at some sort of conclusion.

Of course it can’t be both NonFiction->Theater and Fiction->Drama, as it is according to Amazon. In fact, it’s neither!


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