Fissure – Set Design

I hope to put a model in this post if I can get it right in Blender. This idea I had for a set design for a production of Fissure Monroe. Essentially, cut the stage in thirds, each third partitioned by a wall, each third fronted by panel doors or screens which silently retract/fold-up/nicely. Inside each partition is a rotating set of characters – you never know which one will be in which partition as the spotlight switches from scene to scene and only one partition at a time is visible. The suspect, the store dick, the pundit, and the witness rotate in and out as they are interrogated by a front-of-the-stage-roaming Inspector Mole, except for when the stage clears of all the others and it’s a parading Dawn Debris doing her intermittent monologue. Lighting is key to the whole thing.

very raw notion


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