The Mortal Hole

Some months ago I had a dream that I published a book with this title, and I also dreamt vaguely of the cover. I went about making the cover, finding and tweaking a photo I found of a mortal hole, which is a hole made in stone by a pestle. Well, I had a cover and a dream but no book! Today I published it anyway, using the title and cover for a collection of some of my shorter pieces. It is free, as always, on Smashwords.

One of my motivations for doing this was to get the Sexy Teenage Vampire stories into the hands of people who would never download a book called Sexy Teenage Vampires! I kind of think they’re pretty good stories :}


2 thoughts on “The Mortal Hole

  1. I have got a piece of stone at home about the size of my hand that has a two inch slit about an inch wide shaped hole in it – it has another big stone inside it which is loose !:0)


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