Moon Base Twelve

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“They weren’t exactly the crew the President had in mind when he announced his plan to build a permanent base on the moon so the Chinese wouldn’t do it first, but there they were, a boring collection of peaceful, happy settlers who couldn’t even get a decent reality TV show rating. Life was perfectly dull until the new guy arrived. Now if they could only find out who he was or where he’d come from.”

The Book’s Review Of Itself: 

In the hands of a more traditional writer, this could have been a full-fledged novel replete with well-developed characters enduring dramatic interpersonal conflicts portending dire consequences for all mankind. Instead, it’s just another silly, light-hearted satirical sketch of the kind its characters have come to expect of their author. Of course there are the usual larger meanings lurking beneath the surface, but you’d have to drill a little to build something out of them. The book may have one possible answer to that infamous question, “can’t we all just get along?” Well? What if we could?

cover art images gimped from sources:


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