working title, feed and supply

volume 3 of atheist comic pulp fiction could be part western, part science fiction, all satire set in a small frontier town in outer space. sort of like pop 1280. or come back to the 5 and dime jimmy dean. a small shopkeeper, Procopio, has a place called atheist feed and supply. a rival comes to town and sets up shop. this might be Carmody Wooten of Missy Tonight. she is always a good bad guy. she is the ceo of the inter galactic chain stores called Humm Babies. the town ain’t big enough for the two of them. there I’d not enough business for even the one store. there is conflict and showdown. maybe ending with their wedding. since people like weddings at endings. really. in the meantime there is gossip and scandal and rivalry. might even be a stage play. set against a future atheist colony background, with atheism schisms like protestants and catholics. is atheism genetic or learned? and other idiotic controversies. There are sects based on  individuals like the exrev Gary LeTreen versus the ultra self help Ronald Humm. the argument is over whether atheism is a victory of reason over nature or the natural state of humans,  corrupted by society thru religion. not that it matters, It’s just a power struggle.
who is the narrator? who is procopio? where is this colony? how old is it? are there gas stations or the equivalent? small town characters. isolated outpost. rugged individualism. old west flavor. howdy and ma’am language. space age technology.
In pop 1280, of course, the narrator was the evil lawman… The violence in this one ought to be cartoonish and essentially harmless. The sexual aspect likewise, fruitless. Carmody is a bombshell but asexual. Leave no expectation  denied!
The outpost is like an airport, or an old fashioned railroad station, a collection of small shops that service the space ships that have to stop and refuel every few light years on their journeys. They have regular schedules, the eleven ten from alpha centauri, and so on. There’s a bar, a hotel, a gift shop, the feed and supply … The handful of locals that run these places. The mayor is more like a manager. She’s in on the takeover deal but hides it.

probably won’t write it, though … not funny enough to me, yet.

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