Prisoners of Perfection – Another take

In this version of the sequel to ‘Entropic Quest’, two of the accidentally-genetically-immortal children accidentally “fall out” of the prison-forest world they’ve been held in for no one knows how long. At first they try to get back in, but just as impossible as it was to deliberately escape, it’s equally as impossible to break in. So they wander off and eventually, after an odyssey of sorts, come to the big city, which is entirely deserted and decaying, becoming reclaimed by nature. They have no good way of knowing what happened – there are no newspapers or magazines, and to watch any TV or video or movie they would need some kind of power source – a generator at the least – but they are unfamiliar with all of the technology – having been locked away since before the time of the things they do find.

The idea was suggested to me by a recent re-viewing of the movie Office Space, where they copy a program onto a ‘floppy disk’ – only twenty years later, good luck finding a computer that can take a floppy disk! and the whole problem of digital obsolescence.

The children – frozen in time at age eight – were also too young at the time of their imprisonment to know much about anything, let alone generators and computers and stuff like that. In the forest-prison there was no technology at all, and they had been in there for possibly a century or more. All such knowledge was useless and lost for the people in there. They emerge as primitives.

Will there be survivors of whatever doomed the society? What will they encounter in their travels? The usual assortment of hazards and dangers, wild animals and whatnot? Must try to avoid cliches. The last thing I need is to get stuck in the usual ruts.

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