Humanoid Central – Free This Weekend

I decided to publish Humanoid Central on KDP Select, meaning it won’t be available through Smashwords or Feedbooks for free until August 4th. This is just an experiment, for the heck of it. It’s not like the world is clamoring for any more of my little books for free anyway. Heck, it’s only 99 cents if you can’t wait – but it’s free this weekend on Kindle (KDP Select Promotion Days)


3 thoughts on “Humanoid Central – Free This Weekend

  1. awesome – thanks! trying the KDP Select thing with this one, did a two-day freebie this weekend and it got some 240 downloads (165 USA, 70 UK, 5 DE), which really isn't much more than it would have gotten on the first few days at Smashwords anyway. we'll see what happens going forward, but i expect little. i cancelled the auto-renew thing for kindle so it will be generally available for free at all the other places beginning Aug 2. Not that there's any rush. I perceive no clamor whatsoever for my little scribblings, which is quite liberating in a sense. Being not popular has its advantages


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