A review of Zombie Nights on Goodreads

rated it 2 of 5 stars false
wow !!! i have never been so disappointed in my life ..
Really? Never? I kind of take it as a compliment :}

The thing about it is, at the beginning of the book, the main character is already dead. By the end of the book, everyone wants him to “live” happily ever after, but he’s still not alive, and he’s not happy. A lot of readers seem to get their emotions all tangled up in it. They hate the ending but don’t seem to consider the alternatives. I think they want the dead guy to go around helping the poor in the soup kitchen. I did think about it. Really, I did. Then I made him turn left instead of right. It’s all in there.

Some readers have criticized the late introduction of Racine, but to me she’s the car that runs over the cat in the middle of the night. That car was never part of the story until right there at the end. Recently a similar event happened to a friend of mine. She’s out driving home late at night. The next thing she knows she’s in the ICU with her guts being surgically removed and her whole life turned upside down. That other car was never part of her story until that moment. This is life, and it doesn’t follow the ‘rules’ of fiction.


2 thoughts on “Never?

    • It’s so true, and the books belong to them now. I can imagine Herman Melville lecturing me on how I’m supposed to feel about Billy Budd’s fate!


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