Input, Output, Overdose, Withdrawal

In between bouts of writing frenzy, I need to breathe in ideas. Lately I’ve been soaking up art and graffiti from Tumblr sites. A lot of what is tagged as ‘art’ is just out-and-out porn. Another ten percent is tattoos. The rest is a whole lot of cool stuff, old and new, including painting, sculpture, illustration and photography. Some of my favorites are fckyeah art history, bathroom wall anarchy, art and opinion, writers no one reads, banksy, and damn that’s whack. I re-post some of the stuff I like best on my own tumblr and periodically import the batch into this wordpress blog. I also found a number of interesting photo artists on Instagram and periodically check up on them. For some reason I need this visual input lately, though it has almost no direct bearing on anything I will ever write.

I might have overdosed on my regular streams of output fodder. My internal springs are perhaps a bit wrung dry. The last two short novels I’ve written have been prompted by external notions – Newt Gingrich’s preposterous moon base idea led to The New Guy in Moon Base Twelve, and the absurdly hyped Tupac phony hologram at Coachella led to Humanoid Central.

Right now I’m in withdrawal, just soaking things in again. Yin and yang, input and output, build and release, inhale and exhale, whatever you want to call it, all creation is dialectic, cyclical, periodic. The hardest part is accepting where you are on the wheel at any given moment. You can’t always be fixing. Sometimes you have to go through withdrawal.

and a side note: Zombie Nights today crawled across the 48,000 download mark (through alone – add amazon, barnes and noble, ibookstore and sony and it’s well over 150,000 without even counting the pirated downloads), which is pretty remarkable, especially for a book that has garnered the widest possible array of reactions. There’s a love-it-or-hate-it vibe building up around several of my books, especially this one, Death Ray Butterfly (they’ve both been both the best and the worst books people have said they ever read), and Snapdragon Alley. If they were priced at anything above zero, I’m pretty certain the total downloads would be about 1/1000th of what they have been. If it’s not the worldly definition of success, it’s certainly ‘abundance’ :}

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