Hey, remember a few days ago when we announced that Beige writer Jess Dweck, the writer of the above sketch, had been hired as a full-time writer for Jimmy Fallon? Some of you probably thought, “Hey. Full time? That’s a lot of time. How’s she going to both?” Well, short answer; she isn’t.

Yes, it’s with a very heavy heart that we say goodbye to Jess here at Beige. It was selfish of us to think she could only entertain us and the people sitting in the UCB Theatre. Her comedy must go out to the world! Or the amount of the world that watches NBC.

Don’t worry though! We have found a way to fill the Dweck-shaped hole in our hearts; one Alison Bennett!

Alison is a Maude Night veteran having written for great groups like GORILLA GORILLA and Arbuckle and writing amazing sketches like this one and this one.

Basically we nabbed ourselves a ringer.

Onward, Beige! Onward!


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