I have to say that Goodreads “giveaways” seem to be a really good way to attract new readers. I’d recommend it to other indie authors. I posted a giveaway for Ray & Nights – just 3 copies which I will buy from CreateSpace (where I’d paperback’ed this one, instead of the usual Lulu) and mail to the lucky winners when the giveaway ends and Goodreads selects the random winners. This will cost me about twenty bucks, but for that it has led to more than 230 people signing up for it, and in that same time period more than sixty new unique users have added one or another of my books to their Goodreads lists. You can giveaway as many or as few copies as you’d like, but they do have to be actual books, not ebooks. Goodreads users continue to rate my books lower than anywhere else – averaging nearly a full star less than on Barnes and Noble or Apple iBooks or Smashwords – but I attribute that to the wider nature of the audience – book readers in general, not just tech-savvy/ereader-types (who seem to be more likely to enjoy my stuff)


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