GIMP work

Chrome: following this tutorial, we made our old friend the Kudu Bull into a Chromed Kudu Bull


He’s the same Kudu Bull I used for the current cover of Unwritten Rules, similar to the giant stuffed one in our neighbor’s living room.

Brushes: You can use photoshop brushes (.abr files) – get them from places like, download and unzip into /Users/you/.gimp/brushes … very cool stuff. example steps:

image size large (e.g. 3000  x 2000)

fill with black

set foreground color to white

use some abstract brushes (they are large!) to paint once or twice each, in white, on the black background

add a new layer

select the gradient tool and use ‘pastel rainbow’ gradient – draw diagonal from bottom left to top right

change the layer mode to ‘color’

Graffiti: following this tutorial and using this font I made a new logo for my current employer


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