What to look for

Speaking for myself only, of course … I noticed that what I look for in fiction is very similar to what I look for in a person, especially these qualities: interesting, intelligent, and funny.

I don’t expect my friends and acquaintances to be creative, imaginative and/or original, which are all qualities I like to see in fiction, but it sure doesn’t hurt!

Some people are best suited to be like short stories in your life. A little goes a long way. You don’t want those people to drag on and on, but you were glad to know them a little bit. I barely remember most of those people, anyway, like my co-workers who got caught fucking in the bathroom in one of the bookstores I worked at, during store hours. I even remember their names because of that incident! 

Other people you want their story with you to go on and on. TFF (Tolstoyish Friends Forever)




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