Counterfeit books on Amazon

It’s actually kind of funny, while irritating at the same time. I found some scammers selling fake books on Amazon stealing a couple of my titles and using my name. The cover for Inspector Mole is rather good, actually (Inspector Mole and the Frozen Stiff is an alternate title for Death Ray Butterfly). And the idea that Bobby and the Bedouins would have a Volume 2 is very amusing to me




I wrote to Amazon about them. Curious to see what they say. I don’t mind piracy as long as it’s free but I wouldn’t like people to get ripped off on account of my name (though the odds of this actually happening are probably very slight)

3 thoughts on “Counterfeit books on Amazon

    • I have an ‘author’ page on Amazon, and there you can figure out which books are yours and add them. I did a search and found those two fake books that way. I also found one on EBay – someone was trying to sell the Zombie Nights ebook for twenty dollars. I wish them luck with that!


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