sequels and such

Someone recently commented, on Amazon, that they “would have happily paid” for some of my books. This was a compliment and one I’ve heard before, and I take it as such, but on the other hand, I know they would more likely never have come across the books if there had been a price tag on them. This is something I knew from the start. I could either try to sell them, in which case the best case scenario was to get maybe hundreds of readers and make hundreds of dollars, or I could try to get them a lot more readers and take them out of the whole money realm. As it has turned out, with a great deal of luck and timing, the books have garnered tens of thousands of readers. This is my true best case scenario.

That same person, in that same discussion on Amazon, said that while they enjoyed those books (The Dragon City series), they were left incredibly frustrated by their inconclusive endings, and wondered if there was ever going to be a fourth book, one in which all questions would be answered, all mysteries cleared up, all unknowns become known. In truth, I had never planned the stories to be a series in the first place. Snapdragon Alley was sufficient unto itself, I thought. I wrote Freak City more as an alternate version of the same themes than as an actual sequel. A couple years later, Dragon Town foisted itself on me as a true third book in the series, inspired partly by the brilliantĀ  7-Up series of movies, which revisits the same people every so often. In Dragon City, 17 years pass between the books, which feature the same characters and the same central problem.

Well, since I read those comments, a fourth book is kicking in me, and I’ve begun to work on it a bit. We’ll see if it goes anywhere. Naturally, another 17 years have passed. While Freak City began with a mystery story with too many clues, this one begins as one with no clues at all, only a lot of questions with no answers and nothing to go on. It could easily end up going nowhere, so, no promises.


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