What Fresh Hell Is This?

As you may or may not know (whoever “you” are), one of my hobbies is to search, find and read new free ebooks from Smashwords and Feedbooks, although the latter has become so littered with porn (with no filter option) as to be useless to me. At least Smashwords has filtering. I don’t look for everything free, only within a few categories that appeal to me – typically humor, literature and science fiction. Most of what I find doesn’t interest me, but there’s enough out there that the one percent that does attract my attention is plenty.

In this blog I periodically recommend books and authors that I’ve initially found in this way, including Jim MaherWillie WitMoxie MezcalMarc HorneZvi ZaksCarla HerreraWarren PeasSimon RoyleJose RodriguezGiando Sigurani and others.

Today is a different story. Today I downloaded a book that is blowing my mind and not in the best way either. It is called ‘Daddy, Come On, You are just the Same like Me’, by Shin Liang, from Malaysia. He has written several books, with such titles as ‘That Morning Tea with Robot’s Semen, ‘The Pope and the Feces Game’, and ‘Robots’ Logics are Too Masturbatory’.

What I don’t get is whether these books have been translated by machine (google translate) or this author has invented a new English. Some of his sentences are quite striking:

“The inleakage of their nauseating details of love was full of unpredictable cruelty”

“Michael’s face was crinkled under the harrow, baffled by these yet-to-be-accustomed puzzledom.”

“Stella looked at Michael with a little consternation, knowing the momentum of this elopement in the making by his transpicuous words”

“He held a hoe in his hand, paced thithwerward with such a debased abomination”

What’s it all about? Apparently, a rich young man wants to elope with an android sexbot and his father disapproves. In short, this story was truly dreadful, unspeakably awful, and even transpicuously disadvantageous to the max!

I mean, wow. But also strangely poetic. 


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