Recommended: True Stories by Kerry Quinn

Kerry’s a friend of mine and a hell of a funny writer. You can find his stories here on his blog. I’m trying to talk him into publishing on Smashwords. The world would be a far, far better place than it is already!

A taste to whet your appetite:

Amnesia is not as kick-ass as it seems in the movies. Not by a long shot.

Popular culture would have us believe that there are two (2) clinical outcomes that are likely after a serious blow to the cranium; the “action flick” and the “chick flick” prognoses:

THE ACTION FLICK: You wake up with a fashionable limp that gives you “handlebar moustache” levels of hipster street cred, along with some sort of Christopher Walken-esque ability to touch someone and see into their future. This is the best possible outcome you can hope for. 

THE CHICK FLICK: While unconscious, a beautiful nurse reads you letters from her childhood and slowly falls in love….without you actually having to do anything, say anything, or spend any money. When you awaken, you jet off to Paris together without saying a word. Despite endless hours of your head crammed into a hospital pillow, your hair looks friggin amazing.

That’s a complete load of crap. Real amnesia is confusing and embarrassing and gets you unwanted nicknames. I know, because I’ve had the pleasure, and I would have gladly accepted either of the above alternatives.

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