A skinny guy in a fat man’s world

That’s how my stories feel out there in the big bad world. They’re too thin,  too much skin and bones, not enough meat on them. People want a higher calorie book. It’s been one of the most consistent complaints among the reviews. Skinny books in a fat book world. they take after me, i’m afraid. I’ve always been quick and light.

I’m reading The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood and it’s so thick with backstory I keep feeling stuffed, like I’ve eaten too much.


4 thoughts on “A skinny guy in a fat man’s world

    • I think it is a sequel – it’s book two at that (or so it says on the cover of my version)

      I admire her and do like her writing, but I have to get past my usual dystopia disapproval, which stems from the way they have to say “there were looters and then everyone else was dead” – that’s a whole lot of suffering to just blithely skip over, plus, the “they” that are the anonymous looters are really us – people like us. we don’t like to think of ourselves as looters but hey, we would loot. don’t you think?


  1. I forgot to add: I think as artists/writers we’re writing for ourselves. Okay, yes we want to please our readers, but wouldn’t they stop reading your stories if they didn’t like them.
    This is what i think: you’re a really good writer. Funny, witty, adventurous. We’re hooked on your stories and that’s whether you write a 600 word flash piece or a 15k word piece.
    But that’s me. Had to add my two cents.


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