My Escargot

I was searching online for an image of a greeting card my first wife once sent me – oh so long ago – and ended up not finding the image, but instead coming across a reference to the same card in an article about George Clooney, no less, from People magazine:

When they headed to different colleges in 1979 (he to study theater and broadcasting at Northern Kentucky University, she to enroll in prelaw at Eastern Kentucky University, nearly 100 miles away), they bridged the distance with phone calls and letters. “He would send the sweetest cards—really funny bizarre ones that no one else would get,” says Fraysure-McCormick. “One had these two little snails on the front and said something like, ‘I sure do love you, my escargot.’ ” ‘ 

The complete text was: “Slow and steady our love does grow. I sure do love you, my escargot

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