Goodreads Giveaway Notes (continued)

I just completed another Goodreads Giveaway, this time for Dragon City  (and I must say the CreateSpace paperback version turned out very nicely and is only $8.95)

835 Goodreads people signed up for the Giveaway – I was offering 5 copies and have sent them off to the lucky winners. Nearly half of those signees did their signing up in the last two days of the giveaway. I assume this is because expiring giveaways are being promoted (somewhere) by Goodreads. More than 150 of those signees also added one or more of my books to their ‘to-read’ shelves.

The Goodreads Giveaway is the most effective advertising method I’ve found through Goodreads. Their other advertising offerings haven’t prompted nearly the response in my case. This could be because my titles are not easily targetable, not fitting nicely into the well-worn genre grooves, so other folks may well have more success with their self-serve ads than I did. I found it not worthwhile at all. The Giveaways, on the other hand, have resulted in what I hoped for – gaining some visibility and potential readers.

Wishing good luck to all self-publishers out there …


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