Lightning, again?

This from today’s Smashwords blog about self-published writers hitting the best seller list: “If you’re exceptionally talented and work your butt off, then lightning might strike for you too.”

It’s the meme that wouldn’t die, the ‘lightning’ version of the lottery myth that defines the world we live in. It’s not only a meritocracy anymore, it’s a ‘meritocracy with happenstance’. In the previous myth, it was enough to work your butt off – THEN for SURE you would succeed (and it didn’t hurt if your family was already wealthy). Now you also have to be ‘exceptionally talented’ (which apparently means you can write a book like this one – “Training Tessa (Hot Texas Bosses) (Fiction » Erotica » BDSM)”) BUT ALSO lightning has to strike.


Next thing you know, not only will lightning have to strike, but it will have to strike repeatedly, AND your house gets crushed by an asteroid AND you happen to live on an ancient Indian burial ground AND you’re sent out a sufficient quantity of positive healing vibrational thoughts AND you also just happened to write the precise kind of shit that people are paying for that season.

Don’t look now, but if you deactivate the prude filter on Smashwords you can also find such gems as ‘Prison Guard Gang Bang’ and ‘Submitting to the Billionaire’s Gang Bang’

One can only hope that such exceptional talent WOULD get struck by lightning every now and then …

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