Humanoid Central – Now on Smashwords and Feedbooks

ImageHumanoid Central was on the Kindle Select program for 90 days – a waste of time in this case – and is now finally released from that obligation and available for free from Smashwords and Feedbooks

 As with most of my “children” (which is how I see my stories, rather than as ’employees’) I have a soft spot for this absurd tale about a high school where human and android youngsters are sent to learn how to get along with one another through a variety of ridiculous “team-building” exercises and group therapies. There are three girls at the heart of the story – one who believes she’s a human, one who is certain she’s an android, and another who isn’t sure about anything at all. While some readers are sure to fret about the ending, and others (like the sole Amazon reviewer so far) are bound to argue that sentient androids are not at all like the ones in this book (forgetting, apparently, that THERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS! – but then again, the unwritten rules of impossible things already tell us what sentient androids must be like, and that they are the Terminator, basically), I only hope that some will simply enjoy the ride for what it’s worth.

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