Recommended: Your Local Artists and Musicians

I’m very fortunate to live in a community populated by a seemingly unusual number of excellent artists, musicians and writers. I get to encounter their works on many and various occasions, such as this past weekend’s Pescadero Arts and Fun Festival, which typically features the artwork of such great local artists such as Delma SoultRosanna PetraliaNathalie Fabri, and at the same time presents, in free performances, wonderful musicians like Nigel WebbBundy BrowneAidan Wing and Geoff Allen. Meanwhile, a regular “Lit Night” at our one and only local cafe features marvelous writers like the poet Terry Adams, storyteller David Strohm and novelist Joe Cottonwood. All of these artists are as talented and great as any in their fields – truly – but are not out there making a lot of money at it, just like ninety nine point nine percent of all artists in the world. If you took away the little money they did make (from $100 prints to $10 CD’s to $5 paperbacks, etc …) the result would be … no difference. They create and perform because they love to, and sharing is an essential part of all artistic creation. They continually inspire me, and all help to make La Honda/Pescadero, California the great region it is.


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