Ratings Madness

It’s out of control. Everything conceivable is being rated on the internet with a predictable result of rampant spam, sock puppeteering, out-and-out fraud and completely unreliable information. What began as an attempt at positive crowd-sourcing naturally turned corrupt, as is the human way. On Yelp, for example, you can find star ratings for strip clubs, even ratings for individual strippers! My local bank branch has a 2.5 star average with 271 ratings. A bank branch? Digital Book Today, a site hoping to become an ebook selection gateway, requires a minimum average of 4 star reviews (and you will notice that ‘Bleak House’ by Dickens, for example. would not qualify, having only a 3.95 average). It all means nothing, and yet it’s pervasive and a situation that is only going to degenerate over time. In this case, multiple bad apples will eventually spoil the whole bunch.


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