Recommended: Cindy Sherman at SF Moma

Had the great opportunity to see the Cindy Sherman exhibit at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art today – very impressive work from an artist who is a genuine still-life performer (if there can be such a thing!). I was especially moved by the ‘Centerfolds‘ room, which consists of portraits of women in very anti-erotic boudoir poses – depressed, bored, frightened, angry. It makes a powerful statement about female objectification and voyeurism, especially in photography. Her other works are by turns hilarious, incisive, fascinating, moving and just plain interesting. One thing’s for sure – the woman knows how to take pictures of herself! Definitely worth checking out for yourself if you ever get the chance.


2 thoughts on “Recommended: Cindy Sherman at SF Moma

    • ooh, i like those a lot. i’ve always been a sucker for faces. since i was a kid i’ve drawn them randomly – a series i called ‘nickelheads’ because i would take a coin (a nickel) and trace it out a bunch of times on a page, and then fill in the circles with faces. then i would give them names. i had hundreds of them at one time. lately i’ve been doing it with my son whenever we’re stuck somewhere waiting


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