Recommended: Two, by Carla Herrera

“Two”, by Carla Herrera, available now from Smashwords

What if there were a secret society guiding the affairs of mankind? Such a myth has long attracted the popular mind, from the Freemasons and their mysterious symbols adorning American currency, to the Rosicrucians guarding the hidden family of the cross-surviving Christ, to the Trilateral Commission, that conspiracy of businessmen and politicians who control and own the world. The notion has appealed to writers as diverse as Balzac and Lovecraft, and has wormed its way into Birthers and Truthers and Kennedy assassination theorists, and even anti-vaccination-hippie-homeschooling cults. But what if there were, and what if this hidden group had succeeded so well it had transformed the woodland barbarians of Bavaria into the high tech civilization of today? Slowly, one step at a time, through the centuries, this cabal has guided mankind to its present lofty perch.

And now what? Where do you go once you reach the top? Having succeeded, perhaps beyond its wildest dreams, is this organization now obsolete, overcome by events, with nothing left to do but oversee its own dismantlement? What kind of bureaucracy would assent to such a course? Oh no, they could never be satisfied with their achievement if it meant spelling out their own imminent doom. They would want to keep tinkering, keep toying, keep pursuing some goal, any goal, as long as it meant perpetuating their own key roles. They might well become, by virtue of their own capability, no longer the greatest benefactor of humanity, but instead its greatest threat. Who but some among their own could stand in their way?

This compelling novel weaves a story previously unimagined, as far as I know, which is the greatest compliment I know – to see possibilities around the corner that have hardly been glimpsed before. Carla Herrera has a knack for doing just that. In ‘Two’ she has crafted a new legend-in-the-making, and I suspect its readers will be expecting more to come.

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