So Amazon came out with their new Author Rank system and alerted all of us about it with an email of breathless excitement. Yippee! As an overall author, it appears I am currently somewhere around 150,000, though recently I was up there in the 110,000’s! 56,604 when filtered down to Kindle Ebooks and 22,606 filtered further down to Kindle Ebooks Fiction

Breaking it down, though, under Literary Fiction I’m currently 4,031 after having been 3,293 only a couple of weeks ago

In Science Fiction, they’ve got me pegged at 1,764, dropping precipitously from 1,212 only two days ago

I’m 3,187 in Horror after achieving a high of 1,598 last week

There seems to be a lot of volatility, as usual, with their rankings. A sale of one or two copies can send you skyrocketing in the system.

I’m also somehow 3,893 in Thrillers although I have nothing in that category, as far as I know

My conclusion? What a waste of data processing …



4 thoughts on “Rankin’

  1. I’m not sure what the numbers mean. I looked at mine this morning and for literature and fiction it says 55,453. What does that mean? There is no explanation for it. I checked everywhere and can’t find anything telling how to determine what it means. LOL.


  2. I like this one best, “Check out your Amazon Author Rank at Amazon Author Central’ Or stick your hand into this woodchipper! CHOOSE NOW”… So funny. Oh I found a brief explanation. It said the author rank is like the Billboard system… We need to climb the charts.


  3. Scary! I wasn’t aware Amazon had introduced this until reading your post.
    I spend too much time looking at my sales figures as it is. Now this? Could get dangerously obsessive!


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