Too Many Books

Sometimes I do wish I had written fewer books. The ones I have written are all over the map and it’s always been very likely that people who like one of them will not like any of the others. A related problem is the unlikelihood of any random reader happening to pick out the one they might possibly like the most. A lot of hit or miss goes on with my books, I’m afraid.

That’s why it’s especially gratifying when every now and then the random reader picks one they do like, and then I find out about it on Amazon or Smashwords when they very kindly leave a review, like this one:

 Lighthearted Satire October 27, 2012
The book has an interesting perspective towards those who think they are always the smartest ones in the room. The serious sci-fi reader might be disappointed, though. It’s more irony than science fiction. But light and enjoyable, none the less.
Orange Car With Stripes is one of those books I wrote which is so very unlikely to find its proper readers – the science fiction elements, as the reviewer notes, are very silly, and the central story is a satire about atheism – and atheists as a group of readers don’t usually come across this sort of thing. We’re far more used to being on the defensive and when people do make fun of us it’s usually with a great deal of hostility, whereas this is more of a friendly poke. There just isn’t a lot of atheist comic sci-fi pulp fiction, as far as I know, aside from Orange Car With Stripes and its sort-of-sequel Missy Tonight. These are books I very much enjoyed writing, but I’m certain they will never find more than a handful of receptive readers.

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