There’s a Story in Here Somewhere

In today’s local news, a secret underground room was uncovered at one of the many demolition sites in Christchurch (my “Goldilocks” city), a room that had belonged to an old house  long ago torn down and had an office building put over it. If they hadn’t had to tear down the office building, the room would never have been found. As it is, they uncovered hundreds of artifacts from the nineteenth century that had been buried under there all this time.

Underground Overground Archaeology director Katharine Watson said the find was “amazing and surprising”.

“It was under a multi-storey office building so we didn’t expect to find a thing. You don’t expect much to survive construction of those buildings,” she said.

A story could be built on top of this, an unexpected story lying buried beneath a completely different story, one that would have to fall apart completely before it revealed this other, hidden tale. A fictional structure modeling the physical architecture.

One idea that occurred to me was that everything in the room would be old except for maybe one single item, something which have to be quite recent, yet there was no possible way for it to be there. A mystery, possibly with some elements of the supernatural, ensues.

Another idea is that the room contains some information that completely changes a perspective on something – whether it’s a family memoir, a photo, some historical document. A more traditional novel ensues.

Many other stories,and kinds of stories, could be built on top of this layer.


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