EBook prices

I wanted to read a book and it’s not in the library. I can get it used through Amazon for fifty cents plus postage or on Kindle for twelve dollars. Why twelve dollars? Don’t tell me it’s supply and demand or the cost of production. It’s a text file that costs next to nothing. Grrr. And the author is long since deceased so it’s not for him or even his family, just the corporation that owns the darn text file. Double grrr. I can see a few bucks maybe, but twelve? It makes no sense. It’s not competing with new book sales. It’s an old book. I guess the logic is just because they can, they do.


10 thoughts on “EBook prices

  1. It is so strange! I bet you are right. Because they can, they do. Maybe it has something to do with the decisions of those who the author left in charge? I wonder. It seems crazy though, but there are so many unknown factors in that situation for me. Like royalties..I don’t quite understand them.


    • I wonder if they just don’t get it yet. The publishers seem to think the competition for ebooks is new print books, but I think – with Amazon making it so easy – the real competition is used books. People who want ebooks are not so much interested in the physical product of a shiny new book but the contents, the actual words on the pages, and used books have all that!


      • Replacing books from long ago is one reason why used books will always be a major choice for me. And the only choice for books that are out of print.

        I’m not sure I’d want to dip that far into Kafka’s mind. His stories are disturbing enough.


      • I’m always kicking myself for having lost, sold or given away certain books. Just now I was looking for Jakob Von Gunten (by Robert Walser – a wonderfully odd short novel about a boy who’s sent to “servant school”) and for some reason it’s not even on Kindle, though a few of his other books are. I’ll just have to scrape up another used copy (I keep giving that one away …)


  2. So I buy used books. Because i can. I really like the convenience of ebooks, and hate adding another print book to my overcrowded shelves, but my book budget says price is what matters. Besides, like you, I resent being charged an outrageous price for a book that’s already made a bucket of money and whose sale is of no benefit to the deceased author.


    • I do think the real competition for ebooks is used books, especially since it’s so easy to get them through Amazon these days and you don’t have to go rummaging around just hoping to find it like you used to.


  3. That is crazy expensive. That being said, it’s all supply and demand, right? If you can’t find that book anywhere else, then Amazon Kindle can charge whatever they want because they know people will buy it. Sad but true.


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