Cover Art: Renegade Robot


While biking around Christchurch I’ve been taking lots of photos of the city in its present state of near total instability, with the idea that some of these photos are going to be useful if not inspirational in the future. This brick block of a building is the only thing left standing on Wilmer Street between Montreal and Durham. I have no idea what it is or was used for, and I’m so curious what will happen to it, and that utterly ruined block, over time. Must return to Christchurch ¬†someday!

The robot in this cover was hurriedly put together by my son after I gave him a home school assignment, and he couldn’t wait to get back to his Minecraft tutorial videos. I did modify the drawing a bit, then tweaked its opacity and then merged the grain of the layer into the brick building to give the idea of the robot “hiding in plain sight”. In the book, the robot looks nothing like this. In fact it is tiny and green and communicates by spitting out text on a tickertape from its oral opening.

Renegade Robot, by the way, is an entertaining little story. It was lots of fun to write.


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