Christmas, alternate version

As a sort of fan fiction I thought about writing an alternate version of the Christmas story. In this version, the Word becomes flesh in the twentieth century, as a black man in apartheid South Africa. He becomes a great leader of men, is arrested and imprisoned for years but finally released, where he becomes the first black president, dismantling the racist state and showing compassion and forgiveness on his former oppressors. He becomes a beloved figure worldwide.

What sort of church would be built on this legacy? A religion of redemption in this world rather than the one to come? A religion of man overcoming, of growing and changing, rather than one of stain and guilt? A vision of a world where God allows completion and fulfillment in this life itself, not requiring another one to come? A cycle, a closure, a life entire. A religion with a happier ending. It would sell, I think. That religion would be popular with the people of the world today.

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