Middle Ages, not so bad

I came across a guy on the website Quora who appears to be concerned with correcting people’s apparently false impression of the Middle Ages in Europe. Never mind the Inquisition or the Black Plague or the Crusades, that’s just a kind of bad publicity the era has been receiving. It seems this negative image was deliberately generated by nineteenth century historians and bears little or no relation to the truth, which is that things were actually far better than you think.

It might be true. How could I know? History is always suspect. What’s curious to me is this gentleman’s zeal about the subject. Is it possible he really could succeed in revising the world’s opinion of that era, as Charles C Mann has been attempting to do about pre-Columbian America? Maybe he will.

Begin with the premise that possibly everything you know is wrong, and prepare to be enlightened. Of course, these new truths will eventually be invalidated as well, superseded by even newer revelations.


4 thoughts on “Middle Ages, not so bad

  1. It’s fun to think about being open to new truths and then also open to the fact that those again will be superseded. It’s a hilarious world! That openness in and of itself, I feel, is part of the awesomeness of being alive. As long as your open for your mind to be blown, it probably will be. And then it will be again, but for something totally different, that cancels out whatever it was that blew it the first time.


    • no doubt! it’s interesting how furiously we can attach ourselves to what we think we know or believe, even when it makes no difference at all if we flip to the complete opposite. far better to be endlessly open-minded and curious.


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