Refuge in Carnage

They say that exposure to violence leaves you desensitized, but my experience as as lifelong American reader and watcher of television and movies seems to have had the opposite effect. I am now somewhat allergic to the continual onslaught. It’s what the people want, so they say, but why does every otherwise interesting and well written story have to default to an orgy of violence? It’s just so boring. I find myself skipping over the action scenes to get back to the ideas parts, when there are those.

For example, i was more or less enjoying the Hobbit movie but the outright slaughter of endless numbers of goblins really bugged me. Was that fun?

Once a story goes that route i feel prompted to give up on it. I can’t watch a cop show anymore, and guns are starting to make me sick. That’s the result of all this entertainment murder. The clockwork orange effect, perhaps.


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