Freedom from Fantasy

Entry into the mysterious heart of Snapdragon Alley is by invitation only. Some few are allowed inside while most, including the reader, are not. Only one individual who has received the offer has refused to accept it, and he is the key to the entire series. No one that I know of has yet seen that this riddle is even there.

Argus’ refusal is a rejection of escapism. As a child, he cannot and would not make this choice for himself. As a young man in Freak City he is most vulnerable but is again saved by friendship, by love, that which has the most value in the real world. As a grown man in Dragon Town his refusal is conscious and rational. He prefers reality, his family and his life. In middle age, in Happy Slumbers, he is again tempted but chooses reality over fantasy.

Some reviewers, sensing that Argus is the main character throughout, have complained about his lack of action, his passivity. He is not the hero that is expected of a protagonist in these times. He is much more of a Hamlet figure in an age of Harry Potters and Spidermen and Dark Knights.

I have not been sure whether I should be offering more clues such as these in the various synopses of the books on the websites. I am pretty sure that interpretation is not the author’s task or proper role. Maybe I’ll just offer such notes here for random discovery.


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