social food anxiety disorder

it was a problem. every time friends popped over, or they were invited to visit either friends or family, the social food anxiety took over. what to eat? what to drink? what to bring? what to make? or what should the friends (or family) bring or make? obviously, anything store-bought was out of the question. who would do such a thing? and who has the time? who’s going to do it all anyway? who is going to get it done? what a bother! and then the event itself, overwhelmed by concerns. what if someone was allergic to fruit? what if it had to be a hundred percent gluten free? what did we make the last time we went over there? what did they bring last time? what if there is a secret trans-gendered hypo-allergenic hindu in that family? OMG-LGBTQIA-HAH! and afterwards, the torment, the questions. did they like it? did they hate it? were they merely being polite? was it awful? really? that bad? needless to say, the situation eventually became intolerable and they all found it easier and simpler to not have any friends and never see any family members ever, and what a relief that was. now they could stock up on safeway chili and chips and never have to worry about a thing.


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