Nothing says “whyeffingbother” more than predesigned book covers

Referred by one of the premier self-publishing “outshouters” ™ comes the astounding outstanding work of the predesigned book cover online store, a steal, we are told, at two hundred dollars apiece – act now and get yours before someone else (who shouldn’t fucking bother writing either) gets to the one you want first. Each and every one of these uninspired, derivative, typical, conventional, tiredboring supermarket covers says “I know I’ve got nothing to say but please buy my book anyway because after all I only wrote it for the money.”

(sarcasm drip at 30 ml/hr at 15 drops/ml)


3 thoughts on “Nothing says “whyeffingbother” more than predesigned book covers

  1. I made the cover for my first novel, and I already have my next one made up, but I am a fair computer artist and I live with a very talented photographer. For people who don’t have the skills to make a cover themselves the pre-made covers seem to me to be a low cost option. The artist also sells custom work through the site–there’s nothing to indicate that the cover was pre-made instead of custom.

    I have seen some really terrible covers that were made by the author–those, to me, say “why bother”.


  2. Oh, I know, it’s just that those looked so tacky! If you’ve got something of your own, I’d think you’d want the cover to reflect that in some way, not just some off-the-rack cheesiness. Good lord, they’ll be selling ebook covers at Walmart before you know it!


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