How Crazy is Crazy?

Wow. WordPress’ “top post” at the moment is a real doozy! Some people out there fully expect the Supreme Court to rule that President Obama is actually somebody named Harrison J. Bounel, and that all of his legal documents (birth certificate, social security card, etc …) are completely fraudulent – yes, it’s the birther conspiracy and it’s still going on. The best part are the comments, which make science fiction superfluous. We are all of us living in parallel universes all the time, alternate realities complete with their own self-evident truths:

he really wants to dictate America..I believe the players want the country torn apart and beaten and Obama is their ace in the hole because of his obvious arrogance and loyalty to his Muslim roots.

Even if he was born here, he still would not be eligible. He became of citizen of Indonesia via adoption and then he never re-naturalized. Even though I believe his daddy is really Frank Marshall Davis, that alone would have given him citizenship status. Instead they gave him a made up daddy, one that was a non-citizen and since his mother was not of age to confer citizenship upon him, he would be a British citizen under his so called father’s citizenship.

you are right !! just like he got re-elected to stop a race war !!!

A Regime Change will change nothing at this point, unless this nation returns to God and quit kicking him out of anything that’s public in our nation…

 Obama was selected to carry out the UN Agenda 21.

Obama I think is the Antichrist.

The Democratic Party is very known as the party of Treason! I read an article about a tombstone that was found in a Kansas graveyard dating back to 122 yrs and the man was a republican and the words on his tombstone read never to trust the Democratic party they are know as Treason people, you see even back then they were known not to be trusted!  (naturally I base all of my opinions on mid-19th century tombstones)

Open them eyes wider and look carefully at the whole picture. There is more going on than meets our country and world’s eyes. I believe we the people are a lost nation, we stray away from God, no God was wrongfully taken away from us, we think a black man who we really don’t even know who the hell he is, or is he from hell? can save our country and world’s problems; let alone wants to assemble a new world order, associates with the pope, Vatican, and speaks blasphemies against our loving God in heaven. Look’s like Obama, or is it Harrison Bounel? could be, or is the Antichrist? Obama has a somber face, he is arrogant, he is full of pride, called himself God; said he will be exalted sounds like traits of the evil Antichrist to me.

Wake up Folks! Obama is nothing but a FAKE, A CRIMINAL, and a LIAR, and… Must be jailed for YREASON Today! How can this TURD allow banks to run wild over the citizens of the Great Country. The time is NOW for US to take matters into our hands to arrest, and deport these criminals. Government must be overhauled and the TBTF scumbags on Wall Street dumped off at the Mexican boarder with NO CHANCE of EVER getting back in the US. Jail the Scum TODAY!


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