estar en un aprieto, or ‘to be in a bit of a pickle’

Someone contacted me about the possibility of translating one of my books into Spanish. Now, I’ve had Zombie Nights translated into Portuguese and Farsi already, by volunteers to whom I offered all of the proceeds should there ever be any, but this is something different. This I might decide to pay for. What makes it a bit of a pickle is – which one? I’ve written too many, and too many different kinds of, books, and I don’t really know how to go about it.

First I considered the potential audience, but that’s no good. None of my books are popular anywhere in English, so why would they be in Spanish, and where? Spain is not Mexico, and Mexico is not Argentina etc … I have no idea who or where the likeliest readers would be. Maybe through Liibook, where The Part Time People is somehow their most downloaded ebook (?!)

Second I considered the books themselves. The obvious candidate here is Macedonia, which was fictionally translated from Spanish to begin with, but I don’t know, it has never been especially well received by anyone anywhere.  It’s possible that Ledman Pickup would be a better choice, seeing as it has received the highest ratings. I’m kind of leaning that way, but I just don’t know. Maybe Entropic Quest? Sheesh. What a pickle.

Anoche, dormiendo, mi corazon me dijo Secret Sidewalk, y mi cabeza tambien – “Acera Secreta”


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