PressBooks – Another Self-Publishing Platform

For those of us accustomed to WordPress, the new site is a familiar and interesting way to organize and self-publish your books. I just tried it out with The Lemon Thief and so far, I like it.


4 thoughts on “PressBooks – Another Self-Publishing Platform

  1. I’ve had it bookmarked for some time, as a future possibility, but they’re still not very forthcoming with information. Does your book stay permanently on the site, for readers, or is that just an option? I noticed that there’s an empty Introduction page that says “this is where you can write your introduction.” Why are they showing that if you don’t have an introduction? Are you putting the Lemon Thief on Smashwords? I’d really like to see a published version before I make any decisions.

    I have a short story that’s just about ready to format for Smashwords and Kindle, and I’m not looking forward to it because there’s always a hitch or two somewhere along the line. Is Pressbooks the answer?

    So many questions!


    • I already have Lemon Thief on Smash words and Kindle. Just thought I’d play around with this one. I have all those same questions too! I also put something on Quincy. Have to experiment with all these new toys.


      • I deleted the Introduction and now I’m trying out the Export function from the Dashboard, which converts it to various ebook formats. You can select (in the Text area) which parts to include in the export. The exported files looked pretty good. I like how it builds and inserts the table of contents. Seems easier to use for these purposes than either Word or Calibre


  2. I really appeciate your following up on what you’re doing and learning. I don’t use either Word or Calibre. I write in Scrivener, then copy to NeoOffice (Mac Open Office clone). I’d love to be able to use just one source and know that a book is showing up properly in all formats, which doesn’t always happen.


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