experiment in español

I treated myself to a Spanish translation of Secret Sidewalk (La Acera Secreta) and have posted it in most of the usual places in most of the usual ways (smashwords, kindle, feedbooks, liibook), and it will be very interesting to see what happens. Expectations are low.

One thing I like is how liibook now offers the possibility of “pay with a tweet” so I changed all the books I’ve posted there for free to use that instead. Another experiment! I wrote to Smashwords asking if they were considering offering this, and they responded “That’s not something we were considering, but I’ll definitely pass this idea along to the team.”

I’m counting on certain superstitions to ensure a good result from these endeavors. Liibook is from Argentina and an Argentine just became Pope. Also, today is the thirteenth and that’s got to be a good sign :}



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