Recommended: Immensee by Theodore Storm

My review: “A gentle and bittersweet story of an old man’s reminiscence about the love of his early life, its poignant scenes interspersed with passionate explorations into nature through botany and a charming love of plants and birds. It’s an emotional book that is not afraid to feel. I read somewhere recently that sentiment is no longer permitted in fiction. It’s a shame. I guess we’re only allowed to yell and blow things up, keeping us at a safe distance from the things that really do happen and hurt.”

Even a fairly well read person is constantly coming across “famous” writers they’d never hear of. In this case, 19th century German master of the short form, Theodore Storm. I only heard of him through an article about Cesar Aira defending the concept of the novella (or ‘short novel’, whichever you prefer). So I thought I’d check him out, and found Immensee on Project Gutenberg, the only one of his books available in English there, along with 19 others in German.


4 thoughts on “Recommended: Immensee by Theodore Storm

    • ha! i sure hope not (becoming faous – ugh)! i’m assuming it was some random jesus spammer. at least it led Johnny to come up with a new idea for a story – a kid whose dad is Jesus and what a pain that would be :}


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